HHH Runs & Events 2018 – 19

Really Fabulous Events and Parties 

of the Hash House Harriers Koh Samui – www.ksh3.com  as there are :

Run 836     RED DRESS CHARITY              

Little Wiener & Scouse Bastard

So here we are with the Joker inserted. Now who ever would think to have the red dress run when tourists are actually in Samui? Usually our GM’s wait for them to piss off and then have a Red Dress collection. Brilliant. Who were were these sages of past years??So this year we collect money for the Nathon Children’s ward……..Brilliant. And we collected lots ………Brilliant. Stand out transvestites would be The Big Yin, Masterbates and of course, the Joker. A nice return from WC Fields.

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